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Grove Transit provides safe, reliable and affordable non-emergency transportation throughout the Greater Mississippi Pine Belt Region and surrounding areas.  We equip our fleet with top of the line safety equipment  and employ industry standard software to insure reliability and passenger safety. Our full-time Safety Manager performs daily inspections of drivers and their vehicles in the field, and we employ a full-time Fleet Manager responsible for maintaining and overseeing all service and maintenance of our vehicles and wheelchair lifts.

In keeping with our core business model of providing safe and reliable transportation to markets where we see a need, we have also expanded our service offerings to include ...read more


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The Emotional Ambitions Manual

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Grove Transit Partners with Christian Services of Hattiesburg for March for Meals

Grove Transit is proud to partner with Christian Services during their March for Meals campaign. During the month of March, Grove Transit will provide a vehicle and driver Monday through Friday to help deliver meals to Hattiesburg residents. We met Ms. Cookie Prout at a Historic Hattiesburg Downtown Association meeting and heard her speak about […]

Exploratory Essay Topics

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